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Is she a lesbian? Six easy ways to not be a twat



Our Expert Blogger Sophie Swaine gets angry



READ her response to a naff article about lesbians










Just Slow Down



Learn how to Eat Slow, Train Slow & Live Slow



with our Healthy Living Coach Tracy Reck  













Can't Buy Me Love



Sophie Swaine's unique, entertaining and passionate look at why Valentine's Day is a waste of money!














Getting to the Heart of Valentine's Day



Read Hannah Cooper's fascinating journey through the LGBT history of Valentines.










In pursuit of Exuberance (and love)



Tracy Reck shares how important it is to invest in you. 











"I'm wasted as a lesbian"



Our blogger Sophie Swaine tells us why some compliments are rather sinister! 












Please Help: My cat keeps wheezing



Our Lesbian Vet Agony Aunt, Charlie gives her advice.



Read HERE 









Femme, F**k You!: I Serve You Beer, You Don’t “Know” Me!




Lauren Wood's Femme F**k You rant is about leery drunk men.













The most unpleasant place you can't avoid visiting



Our Healthy Living Coach, Tracy Reck, on why a tough time is not necessarily a bad time. 















Lesbian Oscars - A Night to Remember



Pink Lobster Dating was nominated as Dating Service of the Year at the Planet London Awards.  Sarah Rench was there to report on the exciting event.








LGBT History Month: What's the story? The question of LGBT Ancestry



Hannah Cooper our Femme Meets Femme blogger celebrates LGBT History Month













Interview with an Ally: Straight Support




Amy Bush interviews Straight Allies about what it means to be straight and support the LGBT community 











"My dog keeps licking her girlie bits...."




Our new Lesbian Vet Agony Aunt gives her advice to one member.












This Blog Loves You 



Your Healthy Living Coach tells us how to be happy by loving yourself 











FEMME F**K YOU: Lesbian Movies Suck (and we all know it!)



Lauren's next post in the Femme F**K You series is another hilarious rant










How to get over your ex without upsetting her 



Our Lesbian Holistic Advisor Marina gives us her Top Tips











Married to a man; Now I'm a Lesbian




Our Gay Girl Dating Coach Mary Malia offer's her advice to a Pink Lobster member



CLICK HERE to watch her video 







Our Lesbian Family Series: Egg Sharing 



SarahLovesL tells us about their next step in their IVF journey











Finally! The Toblerone is Defeated!



Tracy Reck tells us about the 4 stages of Healthy Living










Planning Your Lesbian Wedding Abroad


Our Equal Marriage Advisor Susan James from Pink Wedding Days gives us her top tips










You say vulnerability, I say connection



FemmeMeetsFemme tells us how to manage our vulnerability when dating online









Our Lesbian Family Series: A Journey to Having a Baby



SarahLovesL have embarked on the exciting journey to having a baby and will be sharing their journey for Pink Lobster Dating.



Read Part I HERE







FEMME F**K YOU: “World Cup? F**K YEAH!”



Our Lauren's next post in the Femme F**K You series is all about football.



And it's not quite what you'd expect!   Read HERE









 The Honeymoon Period



WATCH Tracy Reck, our healthy living coach on how to have an ongoing honeymoon period with your health and love.







Want to be happy? These are the 12 Things Happy People Do Differently



Marina de la Torre gives us her regular top advice







'SUBMERGE' Lesbian Movie Review



Watch Sarita Ramirez's review of this sexy Australian film.







Lesbian & Gay Guide to Getting Married Abroad: Pt 1



Pink Wedding Days helps you plan what you need to do to make it all perfect. 







Sex Tips to Prevent Lesbian Bed Death 




Emma Ziff, Our Sex, Love & Intimacy Expert helps bring it back to life 










"Femme F**k You!: "NICE TITS!"



Our Lauren Woods' new Femme F**k You series exclusively for Pink Lobster Dating will hear her ranting and raving about everything that makes her say F**k You!








'A Moment of Pure Clarity'  



Our resident poet LobsterShell opens her heart about that moment of when you just know. 








'3 Tips to Dodge a Romantic Downfall'



by Lesbian Holistic Advisor Marina de la Torre









'Sometimes it's better to go slow!'



Tracy Reck: Healthy Living Coach tells us why fads don't work... HERE 






What does Equal Marriage mean for me and my partner?


Susan James from Pink Wedding Days tell us...










Meet our new Vlogger Sarita Ramirez from New York


Ask her anything and she'll tell you anything 


WATCH her first film 









Do You Lose Sight of Your Inspiration


Feel inspired with our


Healthy Living Coach Tracy Reck







Spring Clean or Summer Panic?


Our Style Advisor Catherine Reese gives her top tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe










5 Reasons Why You Need to Forgive Your Ex(es)


by our Lesbian Holistic Advisor Marina de la Torre










All the Answers to Your Legal Questions on Equal Marriage



by Our LGBT Legal Advisor Harjit Sarang 










"Men Admitted but Not Welcome"



READ Whitney Eggers post about 1920s New York Lesbian Bar 'Eve's Hangout' and how it's still a great place to date! 










Why Blue is the Warmest Colour left me tepid



With the DVD release read Hannah Cooper's review of the controversial film













Inspiring Change: Which Women Have Changed YOUR Life?


Read about the three women who have  inspired Lauren Wood this International Women's Day 2014







Valentine's 2014



Valentine’s Day as a Lesbian Married Couple












This Valentine's Day Love Yourself First 


Read Marina de La Torre's first post with us HERE









5 Reasons You Should Date a Vintage Girl


Read Whitney Eggers first post with us HERE











The Gays Cause a Storm... Again!


READ Lauren's Hilarious Response to UKIP Councillor David Silvester 










Fearless Femmes for 2014



READ How Hannah our Femme Meets Femme blogger has become a more confident Femme!










How Our Femme Lesbian Wedding was the Best Day of Our Lives


READ the beautiful story of our blogger SarahLovesL's Wedding Day










Our Femme Lesbian Wedding Day Photos



SEE the photos of Sarah and L's Special Day












Top 10 Lipstick Lesbian New Year's Love Resolutions













Top 10 Lesbian Christmas Activities


Don't be bored this Christmas with our fun list of things to do!













The 12 Dates of Christmas




Emma Ziff


Get your tips HERE









Are Femme Lesbians Now Being Seen in the Right Way? 


Our Blogger Hannah Cooper FemmeMeetsFemme debates


Read article HERE









'My Reaction: How the Australian Ban on Gay Marriage Will Affect the Rest of the World'


The Lobster, Juliette Prais, Creator of Pink Lobster Dating reacts to the recent ban


Click HERE to read








Choices, Chances and Change


Lobster Shell talks about getting over a   

break up with her poetic licence!










Celebrity Interview



Pink Lobster Dating meet Top Lesbian Comedians Jen Brister & Suzi Ruffell...











Lauren Wood



Candy Bar Soho Closes Its Doors


Where Do We Go From Here?












12/11/2013... Stella Auditions for "She Walks In Beauty".  Watch her audition HERE


08/11/2013...  Read Part II of Our Interview with Gerry Stergiopoulos and how to Treat Them Mean; Keep Them Keen


02/11/2013...   Gay Male Privilege: Does It Exist? by Lauren Wood


20/10/2013... Gay is Not A Bad Word: Juliette Prais, Creator of Pink Lobster Dating, debates on BBC Radio 


20/10/2013... The Plan Is There Is No Plan so Have Your Cake and Bloody Well Eat It. Read LobsterShell's reflection on going for it! 


20/10/2013... Walking Effortlessly from Page to Screen: Hannah Cooper's Review of "She Walks in Beauty" by Nicole Conn 


05/10/2013... Read Part I of Our Interview with Gerry Stergiopoulos and how to Treat Them Mean; Keep Them Keen 


28/09/2013... Worth Getting Swept Away: A review of Spring Tide by Hannah Cooper 


13/09/2013... Tips & Advice on How to Make a Lesbian Dating Video Profile with our blogger Ami 


13/09/2013...  Watch Our Healthy Living Coach's latest video blog on How to Celebrate & Feel Good Tracy Reck


05/09/2013...  A Review of The Speed Twins (written by Maureen Chadwick, directed by Simon Evans) by Hannah Cooper


29/08/2013...  Read our interview with prolific writer of Bad Girls, Waterloo Road and Footballers Wives Maureen Chadwick


24/08/2013...  Read our interview with top girl group Heads Hearts and what they had to say about sexuality, love and their involvement with The L Project


19/08/2013...  Read our interview with well known stand-up comedian Maureen Younger and her thoughts about comedy, Russia's homophobia and her new show. 




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