'I wanna say I think you ladies have done amazingly changing girls lives.  Keep up the good work!'


‘It’s so wonderful to be able to come to an event and not wonder who is really a lesbian and who isn’t’  Anna at 'Fancy a Femme?'



‘We have been telling all our friends and family and realised we hadn’t told you yet!  Sorry that you are the last to officially know – I met Louise on Pink Lobster Dating only 6 months ago.  I am totally in love and glad to say that she feels the same way.  We are now planning our wedding – not sure if it’s the first Pink Lobster wedding or not but we are so happy!  Thank you from the bottom of our full and very fulfilled hearts.’ Beth & Louise



‘Pink Lobster Dating is a wonderful resource for femme lesbians.  I’m so glad you are now in the U.S. as well!’ Ruth



‘I wanted to thank Emma for giving me such caring and precise personal advice.  I feel confident with my profile and now when I message women they actually respond.  I even have a date Friday night!  Wish me luck ;)!’  P



‘After joining, I researched Pink Lobster. It's genius and of course exactly what was always needed -Thank you.’ I definitely think what you have done is worthy. You are a star! Again I say your concept is genius and very obvious as all good innovations are.’ Clare



‘I can’t believe that there is finally a site for femme lesbians like me – thank you.’ Laura



‘I never knew this many femmes actually existed.  I always thought I was the only femme in the village!’ Fiona



‘All the girls I’m attracted to all in one place.  How will I choose?!’ Alison



‘Pink Lobster Dating is the ONLY dating website specifically catered towards femme/lipstick lesbians in the UK. It is fun, easy, and you can even get personal professional advice on love and dating when you sign up!’

Lauren – AllThingsLesBeau



‘Pink Lobster Dating is a fun and attractive site.  In particular we liked the “key words” features on the site, which allow you to view someone’s profile and get an idea of them without the need to read through reams and reams of text.  The words they choose to describe themselves are then highlighted on a lipstick kiss image, giving their profile a quick and accessible means of viewing. 

If you want to get involved in more of a community then the site offers a blog and forums to read and post on.  The blog is regularly updated, which is good to see because many blogs go forgotten.

This is a specialist site for lipstick lesbians and is well constructed and a viable option if you’re looking for a fellow lipstick lesbian/ femme.’ 

Lesbian Dating Website Review