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I am a multi-lingual bisexual writer and journalist from Miami.   It’s wonderful to be part of the Pink Lobster Dating writing team and I will be offering an important bisexual representation to all the femme women out there.  Due to my current work I am unable to publish photos of myself online, hence why there is no photo of me, but I am gorgeous smiley




Marsha Badger



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Brooklyn resident Marsha B., opens her closet to the world through her fashion blog,   MarshBar's Closet.  In addition to maintaining her own site, the former fashion stylist is also a contributor to Everything Girls Love and Pretty Girls Sew Magazine.  Skilled in finding celebrity looks for less and shopping affordable fashion, Marsha's articles have been the top viewed post for both publications on several occasions.  Besides fashion, Marsha has made her mark in the LGBTQ community by raising awareness on the homophobia and genocide occurring in Uganda.  In 2013 she held a fundraiser to help members of the LGBTQ community safely leave Uganda. 




Claudia Carvell




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Claudia Carvell is a Postgraduate student studying for a degree entitled ‘Gender, Sexuality & Culture’ at the University of Manchester. She volunteers with several LGBT organisations in Manchester, has had her writing published by the likes of DIVA Magazine and recently won a ‘highly commended’ award at the UK Sexual Health Awards predominantly for her contribution to the #SameSexSRE campaign. When she’s not preoccupied with the above, you can find her ranting about anything and everything on her blog, working-out to YouTube videos, or cutting shapes at a local rave.











Sarita M. Ramirez 


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A New York native planted just minutes away from the Big Apple, this American sweet heart has a lot to bring to the Pink Lobster Community. Her motto? "Every chance we have, we redeem ourselves a little more." Sarita M. Ramirez is an aspired film-fanatic for both Independent and Major motion picture projects. Sarita runs her own Film-reviewing community, "Movies á La Queer", a space where she can speak freely of other LGBT-centered films that have spread and others she feels that should. 



While sharing her own life, successes and struggles of being an active member of the LGBTQA.. community, she asks for things to be shared along with her, questions, answers, and of course, opinions. 


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2Brides2Mummies: Sarah and Lauren


‘We are Sarah (28) & Lauren (27) a femme lesbian couple from Birmingham UK. We have been together since 2004 and our Civil Partnership is in July 2013, after which we plan to start a family.


We blog about gay weddings, parenting and other topics affecting lesbian and bisexual women.’








Hannah Cooper


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Homarus Minds Don’t All Think Alike

Greetings fellow femmes, and welcome to the Pink Lobster blog. I’m delighted to meet you (virtually).  I’m Hannah and I’m a thirty-something femme living in London. Tired of femme invisibility, I set up a blog last autumn to add my voice to the few femme bloggers that were already out there. There are already some great blogs from femmes in the US and the UK, ranging from political articles to personal stories, but there aren’t enough of us to represent the diversity of femmes. And to me, blogging can have many different faces - generating visibility, discussion, identifying and being entertained. I’m specifically interested in discussing issues surrounding femme/lipstick lesbian identity, which is why, whilst drawing on personal experience, my blog posts aren’t about me and my life – they’re about us, as femmes, and some of our shared issues and experiences. Of course, I can’t represent all femmes and neither would I have the audacity to try! But I hope that some of what I write strikes a chord, or at least generates greater femme discussion. Please feel free to submit comments or suggestions for topics that you’d like to see aired.

For now, I’ll sign off with a femmetastic fact...

Not only is the name Pink Lobster fitting for this site due to its well known nods to gay identity and mating, but also as the Latin name for lobster happens to be ‘Homarus’. Unfortunately, I was unable to find out from my sources (Google) whether this is an accident, or whether the ‘homa’ part relates in any way to the stem ‘homo’, indicating sameness. Either way, I think we’re all justified in saying ‘I’m a homarus’ to denote being a femme who wants to be visible in the world and to other femmes, and is using Pink Lobster Dating as the pincer to grab this with. Happy reading and happy dating.



Lobster Shell


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The glass is always half full. Never half empty :-)


I am a 36 year old female.  I am a mother to two amazing children. I am a bisexual female.  

I like women to be women (femme)  & I like men to be men ( bear like).


I write poetry quite a bit to put things into perspective for myself.  Many of which I’ve never shared with anyone.  I am ready to share my thoughts.  I am ready to be open.  I am ready to move on in the next chapter in my life.  Thank you for reading my inner most thoughts. Enjoy. 







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"Hello my fellow merry lesbians!  I'm Lauren, and at the tender age of 21 you may think I'm just a baby dyke, but I've actually been writing my own Lesbian Blog for 5 years!  Being pretty well-versed in gay scenes in the UK and North America doesn't hurt either, so if you need any advice on where to go with your friends or meet new ladies you know who to ask. I consider myself a so-called 'raging' feminist and hope you do too. Hmm what can I tell you that's interesting? In my down time you will probably find me in my glamorous carrot onesie, drinking Corona and singing the Wicked soundtrack far too loudly."  





Whitney Eggers



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Whitney Eggers is a vintage blogger and theater professional living in New York City.  She writes about vintage style and queer history on her blog, Little Heap Vintage, and is excited to bring her perspective to Pink Lobster Dating.  With her post series Queer Vintage/Vintage Queer, Whitney profiles queer icons from the 1920s-1960s and important moments in queer culture.  Follow her on Twitter @illiteralist, and check out Little Heap Vintage at  







Follow her on Twitter @ayemiy.


Ami is a certified Northern bird who is fairly new to London. Part PhD student and part drama queen, she blogs her way through settling in to London and the highs and lows of being a lesbian perpetually baffled by other women. Ami is an advocate of internet dating, particularly for femmes or those who fancy them, and offers tongue-in-cheek guidance to fellow flummoxed femmes. And anyone else who will listen.