Pink Lobster Dating: Lipstick Lesbian Catch  is the brainchild of Juliette Prais (Company Director). 

‘Finding femmes can be difficult when you are a femme lesbian, bisexual, queer or gay woman.  I came up with the concept of Pink Lobster Dating: Femme for Femme as a result of my own online dating experiences. It is not as easy to find love as a lesbian as it is for a heterosexual woman. This is especially the case for lipstick lesbians or femmes.  As you may well be aware it is harder to spot a ‘lipstick lesbian’. We are, therefore, the ‘hidden’ ones’. Unless you wear a label or indeed a t-shirt, how does anyone know to ask you out as a lesbian?
So I decided to tread the online dating boards. It was new, it was exciting and it was daunting. I noticed that the popular dating websites were mainly created primarily for straight people by straight people. They then had an option for gay/ lesbians as well. Websites created only for lesbians do exist. However, they are created for ALL lesbians. When I jumped through my first hurdle it became a minefield of mass exploration. I know that I like feminine lesbians and that I am one. Also I know that I am attracted to intelligent and diverse women. However, there were no lesbian websites that allowed for specific lesbian matching. I had to trawl through a multitude of women to find my match. When I did find my match she was not necessarily looking for me!
I then thought to myself why do straight people and not lesbians have niche dating websites? They have been granted the right to niche dating. I noticed a huge range of niche dating websites primarily created with heterosexuals in mind. These included websites ranging from niches for sports lovers, food lovers, single parenting through to those who love people in uniform!
The idea of having a lesbian dating website specifically catering for lipstick lesbians seemed like the perfect solution. This would be a place where femmes would not have to question whether or not another feminine woman is also a lesbian. I also wanted to create an environment where feminine lesbians felt safe from male voyeurs and where we could find women that we have searched for but not yet found. This website is for all the ‘femmes’ out there who can now find their ‘femme’ match. Our time is NOW! Lipstick Lesbian Catch has therefore been created for YOU by ME from one lipstick lesbian to another.
I fully believe that what we have created a website that will offer lipstick lesbians a valued and respected dating experience.
Good luck in finding your lipstick lesbian catch’
Pink Lobster Dating Ltd hopes to create a novel and unique lesbian dating experience. It offers a high quality and classy setting so that lipstick lesbians can finally experience dating in the way that they deserve.
The website aims to provide a service never seen before in the UK. Lipstick Lesbians around the country will at last be able to meet in a safe environment. Whether you live in the most northern part of Scotland, in Ireland, or the most southern part of England, this website will offer all lipstick lesbians a place just for us!
We would also now love to WELCOME the US to Pink Lobster Dating.  American ladies can now join the site too.  After all the world is our lobster!
Welcome to Pink Lobster Dating.