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Our expert contributors are professionals who have been chosen to help YOU.  Read their articles and check out their websites.  If you would like to get in touch with them directly click HERE for their contact details.  Your emails will be treated confidentially! 




Your Transgender Expert Psychotherapist: Michelle Bridgman




To get in touch with Michelle email


As clinicians finally realise that this is not about mental illness and cease diagnosing people with Gender Identity Disorder the phrase Gender Dysphoria is more generally used to describe someone who is unhappy with or doesn’t identify with the gender assigned at birth. Gender Dysphoria simply means dissatisfaction with a person’s assigned gender and is not a pathological condition. Not every person questioning their gender identifies as MTF, FTM, Trans, Transsexual, Transgender, Transvestite, or Gender Queer, for some people a compromise can be the best solution.


Are you already committed to or considering transitioning?


Many of my clients come to me because they feel stuck, confused or are questioning whether they can come to terms with remaining in the gender role they were assigned at birth. Some come to me because they feel a change of gender maybe their only solution. I work with male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) clients. I also provide Counselling for children battling with these challenges. Counselling for minors requires the inclusion of their parents or guardians. I am easily accessible to both national and international clients


My consulting rooms are located in Harley Street and Penn in Buckinghamshire.





Your Lesbian Vet Agony Aunt: Charlie Elizabeth Brighton 



If you have any animal questions that you would like answered by our vet, email Charlie


"Royal Veterinary College Graduate who currently works around Reading for a mixed practice. Essentially treating hamsters to reindeer. Absolutely love my job, it still doesn't feel like working, which makes it well worth all the hours spent in the library.


I have just moved into Reading with my girlfriend, we have a husky called Jack and all three of us are owned by a cat - Lilly"




Your LGBT Legal Advisor: Harjit Sarang 




Follow her on Twitter @harjitsarang

For Legal 1 to 1 Support email Harjit


Harjit Sarang is an accredited and established family law solicitor specialising in legal advice for gay and lesbian couples. 


She is an expert legal advisor on, and She blogs for the Watford Observer and provides comment regularly on several websites and for the media.



Harjit’s marriage equality campaign tweeted by 100′s of celebrities including Oprah, Russell Brand, Davina McCall, Emeli Sande, Susan Sarandon, Lorraine Kelly and Jonathan Ross


Outside of work, Harjit has two young ‘supercharged’ sons. Her interests revolve around business and equality. To relax, Harjit enjoys TV with a glass of something red.


“I believe passionately that every person has the right to a life free from abuse, inequality or discrimination”


If you would like to talk to Harjit Sarang about any family law issue, please e-mail your request to or telephone 01727 884688







Your LGBT Agony Aunt: Ronete Cohen


Follow her on Twitter @RainbowCouch

If you have any questions for Ronete email


Ronete is an LGBT psychologist and psychotherapist.  She is also an expert in online therapy, which is why she makes the ideal agony aunt for Pink Lobster Dating.  She is an experienced columnist and wrote for Diva magazine for many years.  Ronete is a highly sought after expert and travels the world speaking about matters that affect the LGBT community. Importantly Ronete also campaigns for sexual equality and acceptance.  Ronete is open-minded and has a strong understanding about the complexities of sexuality.


To ask Ronete any questions email .


(Your questions will be confidential and if any are published on the site we will ask your permission before we do so). 





Your Dating Coach: Bryony Anne Leatherbarrow


Follow her on Twitter @121DatingCoach

For any dating advice and tips email Bryony


Bryony is a professional coach for singles who want to find their partner.  She has featured on Channel 4 this year and was involved in a television anti-loneliness initiative.  Author of ‘The Art of Internet Dating’ Bryony is a long-time supporter of online dating and has helped many find love.  Whoever you are; whatever you want, Bryony will help guide you to catch your lobster.


To ask Bryony any questions email .





Your Image and Style Consultant:  Catherine Reese


Follow her on Twitter @CatherineReese

For any style advice email Catherine


Thanks to Pink Lobster Dating you will hopefully have found the femme of your dreams. Now it’s time for that all-important 1st date. However, did you know that within 7 seconds of meeting someone for the first time they will make a judgment about you? Scary, isn’t it? This is why making a great 1st impression is so important.


Catherine is a fully trained Image Consultant and Personal Shopper and runs her own style and image consultancy, Image Confident. Catherine is a regular guest on BBC Radio as their resident style expert and is often called upon to deliver workshops and seminars to audiences. Catherine understands the importance of making the right 1st impressions and will help you to learn how the right clothes can enhance your figure, whatever your size or shape. Whatever your body shape or style dilemma, Catherine can teach you what styles will suit you best as well as which to avoid. You will learn how to dress with style and confidence, ensuring you always look and feel your best and always know how to make a great first and lasting impression. 







Your Healthy Living Coach: Tracy Reck


Follow her on Twitter @tracyjreck

For any healthy living advice email Tracy



I'm Tracy, a self confessed fitness and food habit geek.  Which basically means that I find all aspects of habits - forming them, breaking them, the neurology of them etc - completely fascinating, in so far as they relate to what we eat and how we exercise.  Perhaps surprisingly, I haven't set foot in a gym in over a year, but instead learnt to train with rucksacks, toy baskets and other household items.  I love cake, so my blogs will never advocate dietary perfection.  But I do know that a life rich in vegetables and squats makes for a happier, more confident, healthier you and that's always good in the search for love, right?  So that's what I'll talk about - the real life guide to being as fit and healthy as you want to be, for real women with real lives.  


Me personally, I live in Worcester with my wife and our two pups. I can often be found playing frisbee in the park, learning how to kick my heels together in mid air (a la Simon and the Witch, if you're the same generation as me), or watching repeats of the Great British Bake Off.  I love that show.  







Your Lesbian Holistic Advisor: Marina de la Torre


Follow her @vitaminLdaily

Any questions for Marina email her


Marina de la Torre, MBA, is a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, healthy lifestyle author, and the creator of Vitamin L - body, mind, and soul nourishment for lipstick lesbians or femmes.  


Marina believes that the relationship we have with ourselves is the way in which we transform physically, develop personally, and grow spiritually. Our most profound growth comes from little changes in our daily habits leading us to a deeper sense of well-being, love and fulfillment in life.  She is passionate about guiding women like YOU through this process.

Visit and get a FREE dose of the most important nutrient for your wellbeing!


Free Book:






Your Equal Marriage Advisor: Susan James



Follow her @pinkweddingdays & @Jamesy_sooz

For all your equal marriage questions email



From the wilds of Worcestershire, Susan is a freelance writer and author-in-training.  She’s also a Social Media Assistant for Pink Wedding Days in their media department. She says department. It’s pretty much just her right now, but that’s how she likes it. Passionate about women’s rights, she’s constantly trying (sometimes failing) to be a better feminist.






Your Gay Girl Dating Coach: Mary Malia



Follow her @gaygirldating 

For all your gay girl dating questions email



Gay Girl Dating Coach was created in 2011 to meet the growing noise of women complaining about dating, online dating, cra cra women and the pain of being single. Most of this noise was being made in Austin, Texas at the time and out of that noise and a collection of meetup groups, Mary decided to take her experience as an executive and kick some lesbian dating butt. Gay Girl Dating Coach teaches to dig into their own interior and get it right and real there first. Then step out with a clear head and heart and make better dating decisions. Better dating decisions will lead to a much better relationship.






Your Naturopath & Love Therapist: Marta Canadell  



Marta's website

For all your naturopath questions email



I’m Marta, a Lesbian Naturopath happily based in Glasgow and member of the Association of Naturopathic Practioners in the UK. Love has always been my passion and as a Naturopath my specialization is helping women to find it. I use different therapies depending on each case and situation including Bach’s flowers, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, iris analysis reiki and Kinesiology will be my next step. Whatever your situation, I’ll help you to heal your heart and to channel love again to find your right femme! There are many reasons why you’re living the situation where you are at now, from something physical that your body is trying to tell you to the vibrations and energy that are inside you and you’re sending to the others. What happens to your body is in relation with your thoughts and feelings. If what you’ve read rings a bell on you, contact me and we’ll find out what is blocking you to get love. xxx




Your Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor: Rachael Blackmore  




Rachael's website


To book a session with Rachael CLICK HERE


Rachael Blackmore is a BACP registered counsellor. She works in an integrative way, using the Person-Centred approach and drawing on Psychodynamic theory to work collaboratively with you to improve your mental and emotional well-being.


Rachael provides a safe place for you to talk in confidence and where you will be listened to with compassion, understanding and without judgement.


Rachael believes in the power of relationship; building a relationship with you where trust and acceptance facilitate open communication about the things that are troubling you. She is passionate about her work and committed to helping you explore your difficult feelings and experiences to find a way to feel better and experience life differently. 



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