Matchmaking Privacy Policy



We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our members. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information you provide us with is kept private and confidential and is only used to provide the services you request. By submitting your personal information to us, you confirm that you accept this Privacy Policy and consent to our using your personal data for the purposes of providing our services to you, for communicating with you, and for marketing, statutory, accounting and archival purposes.

You will also need to add your details to (“PLD”).  This information is encrypted will SSL security.   Your information can also be set as private thereby ensuring users of PLD cannot see your profile.


The Data Protection Act
We are registered as a Data Controller as required under the Data Protection legislation. We will follow the principles set out in that legislation at all times while processing your personal information. Your personal information includes things like your name and address (post and/or email).

We may ask for information classed as ‘sensitive’ under the legislation (things like health, ethnicity, sexuality or political affiliations), and if you choose to provide that data to us, you consent to our processing it for the purposes of providing our services to you.

We will process your personal data and additional details carefully and lawfully, and will only share them with our employees, consultants, agents and appointed representatives, except where we have your explicit consent. If you book an activity, event or sessions with an external company with us, we will share your personal data and that of anyone on whose behalf you make the booking, with the relevant entities (such as airlines) as necessary to allow the booking to proceed successfully, and by making the booking you consent to our doing so.

We will absolutely not sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes, although we may occasionally share aggregated data for this purpose. Aggregated data does not contain information which could identify you personally; an example would be “80% of our members attended a Pink Lobster Dating event within the last year”.


We will do our best to protect your personal data using appropriate technical and organisational steps, and will store it on our database within a secure network. However, you acknowledge that we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of your personal data.


We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission. We will always discuss any opportunities with you and get your consent before effecting any introduction. We will not transfer your data outside the European Union unless you make a booking for a holiday outside the Union and thereby consent to our doing so for the purpose of fulfilling that booking.

However, if we reasonably believe that we are required by law to disclose your personal information to a third party, whether in compliance with any applicable law or regulation or by order of a court or in connection with legal proceedings, we may do so. We may also do so where we reasonably believe that it is necessary in order to protect the personal safety of ourselves, our members, or the general public.


You can contact us at any time to terminate your membership and request that we cease to hold your personal data. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but if we need to hold any details for statutory or accounting purposes, we will inform you of that fact, of what data we are retaining, and of how long we will retain it.

Subject to the above paragraph, we will hold your personal information for as long as we need to in order to comply with our legal obligations. You must inform us of any changes to it so that we can keep your personal information up-to-date. If we have not used your data for 12 months, we will contact you to find out if you want to keep your personal information on our database.  (This does not include membership to PLD.)  If we receive no reply, we may delete or archive it in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Archiving means that your personal information will not be available on the Internet either to you or to third parties.


If you wish to find out what data we hold for you, or to have it amended or removed from our database and website, or if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact at any time and we will do so. We may charge a fee for data subject requests.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. However, we will not change the way we use your personal information without telling you in advance and giving you the chance to opt out of or prevent the new use of your information.