Broken hearts and disappointment are not the only risks involved with internet dating. Although this is the start of an exciting new adventure, there are a few safety points you should bear in mind. Your safety is extremely important to Pink Lobster Dating.  This is why all users need to provide 3 photographs before registering in order to identify themselves.  It is still important to protect yourself and keep safe online by keeping the following points at the forefront of your mind;

1) The Golden Rule: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Trust your instincts and don’t be taken in by what you want to hear. 
2) Protect your Privacy: never reveal any personal information to someone you’re talking to online. This includes your full name, address, landline number, workplace and birthdays. Pick a username that doesn’t reveal too much - janeliverpool1987 would be a bad example. 
3) Beware of Fraudsters: never be persuaded to send money to someone you’ve met online. These scams are elaborate and hard to detect, so as an all encompassing rule never send money. 
4) Be Sensible & Stay Safe: if you’ve agreed to meet her for the first time, through the excitement remember that it is VITAL to arrange to meet in a public place. It may be a good idea to chat on the phone (mobile number) or on skype in advance as at least you can hear what she is really like and will know if she is at least a woman!
Don’t be persuaded to travel to an area you’re not familiar with. Travel to your date alone, do not accept a lift from your prospective sweetheart. Ensure that you tell someone where you’re going. Tell them who you’re meeting and what time you anticipate you’ll be back. Keep in touch via text, instruct them to worry should they not hear from you by the time stipulated.  Stay sober, don’t allow anything to impair your judgement. Don’t leave your drink unattended, watch your date carefully should they offer to buy you a drink from the bar.
5) Watch your back: ensure your date does not follow you home. Until you are 100% certain about your new love, do not reveal your address. Never arrange a first date at your home or the home of your date. 
Most importantly, listen to your gut feeling. If anything about the date makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy then leave immediately. Text a friend and ask them to call you with an emergency you must attend. If you meet your date and they’ve lied about themselves, again, leave immediately. This is why it is so important to meet in a public place! Don’t fear offending people as your own safety is paramount. 
Make rational decisions.  Don’t knowingly put yourself in danger. 
If you have followed these rules and your gut is telling you that she is amazing and you have that spark… then be sure to have a wonderful time!