1. How do I register on Pink Lobster Dating?


You just need to click the ‘Join Now’ button on the home page.  The registration process is quick and easy as there are no complex compatibility tests.  We believe in the ‘spark’.  Yes there are some general matching criteria options, but we do not profess to know what love is.
2. Why should I sign up to Pink Lobster Dating?
  • The ONLY online dating network in the UK & US specifically for lipstick lesbians/ femmes
  • Special safety features to ensure only genuine users
  • Personal professional advice, guidance and information in the form of videos, blogs and webinars
  • A simple but safe registration process
  • A clear and quick matching system. This is because we believe in the ‘spark.’ We do not claim to know what love is!
  • We have considered all lipstick lesbian users whether you enjoy reading interesting lesbian stories; love to write; enjoy chatting to groups of women about a variety of topics; or would like to remain anonymous and focus on finding your ultimate catch,,, we aim to cater for all types of women.
  • You will not be harassed by other companies and we will only notify you about members expressing a genuine interest.
  • Fun features e.g. an interactive tank to catch your lobster, video profiles, our ‘kiss’ feature and lots more!


3. How does it work?
  • Upload 3 photos (femme, formal and fun), one of our special safety features to protect you!  Once all three of your photos have been verified by our team (within 48 hours) all the other members photos will be magically revealed to you.  This way we can ensure that only genuine members can see other members, therefore protecting you from non-genuine members.  If you wish, you can also keep these photos private from other members.  It will still be clear to other members that your images have been vetted with an "account verified" written underneath.
  • Answer a few simple questions about YOU and HER
  • Add a photo of you holding OUR logo (download here) for additional safety
  • 'Kiss' another Lipstick Lesbian (peck them, kiss them, snog them)…
  • Browse your selected Lipstick Lesbian matches
  • Browse Lipstick Lesbians across the country
  • Optional fun features e.g. add your favourites to your tank!
  • Chose words that represent you on our LIP WORDS


4. How safe is my information on Pink Lobster Dating?
Your information is very safe. Our website uses highest security standards.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy on the homepage for further information.  Also see question 5 below, which covers some aspects regarding safety.  You can also refer to the SAFETY tab on the homepage.
5. Why do I need to provide a minimum of 3 photos?
This is an important safety feature on Pink Lobster Dating.  By providing 3 photos it is less likely that someone i.e. a man has taken a random photo of a woman off the internet.   However, your photos do not have to be seen by other Pink Lobster Dating members.  When your photos have been verified by Pink Lobster Dating vetters there will be a verified stamp of approval.  This way all users will see if you are verified and then you can select who you wish to show your photos to.  You can of course show them to everyone on the site should you so wish.
I would recommend having your photos available to all Pink Lobster’s as you are more likely to get emails and be added to ‘tanks’.
6. Why should I also include a photo of myself holding the Pink Lobster Dating logo?
The more members who do this the better!  This will show members that you are genuine and that your photo has not simply been lifted from the internet. 
7. When will I be able to see other Pink Lobster Femmes’ profile photos?
A. You will only be able to see other members’ photos when your photos have been verified for security and safety purposes.  However, you will be able to access forums, blogs, videos and read users profiles.  The verification process should take no longer than 48 hours. This is an ideal opportunity to read member profiles first so that you do not simply judge a femme book by her cover.
8. How can I submit a blog?
A. If you would like to be a blogger on Pink Lobster Dating, you can email .  Please include at least one blog entry and a plan of what your blog content hopes to cover.  Blogging can make you stand out from the crowd!
If you would like to contribute in other ways to Pink Lobster Dating e.g. a success story you can similarly email
9. How do I pay for a recurring subscription?
If you wish to exchange messages including IM with other members you can subscribe to one of our subscription packages.  We have options of weeks, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and yearly.  It is your obligation to cancel your subscription if you do not wish to be charged.  
10. How do I know if I am femme?
This is your judgment call.  A summary of a femme is: a feminine lesbian who finds other feminine lesbians attractive.  However, it is so much more than this as it is also about how you feel.  If you feel that you are a femme you are of course welcome to join us.  We will not turn away any genuine woman on this website.  Nonetheless, if you would like to meet other femmes and hope to be successful in dating then you need to consider this carefully. 
11. Why is this site only for femmes?
As femmes we know how hard it is to spot other femmes.  Pink Lobster Dating: Lipstick Lesbian Catch has been created with this in mind.  We aim to provide a service whereby lesbians do not have to justify their sexuality and convince others.  It hopes to be a safe and secure environment free from male voyeurs and any form of ‘femmephobia’, which sadly does exist in places.
12.a) How do I cancel/ delete my profile?
If you wish to cancel, hopefully because you have found love. You will need to click the "Delete Account" button under profile > settings and this will stop the account renewing automatically. Email if you have any difficulties. You can also refer to our Terms of Use on the home page for further guidance.
12. b) How do I cancel/ delete my subscription?
If you have decided to pay for one of our recurring subscription packages you can cancel this at any time.  You will need to go to profile > billings and cancel on this page.  If you have any issues whatsoever you can email thelobster@pinklobsterdating.com.  Remember it is your obligation to cancel a subscription.  
13. Can I become a member if I do not live in the United Kingdom?
Members from the United Kingdom and the United States of America can currently sign up as members.
14. How do I block/ report a user?
There is a ‘block user’ button on every members profile page.  If anyone has been offensive to you and/or you wish to make a direct complaint you can click the ‘report user’ button and we will investigate this further.  You may also wish to refer to our Terms of User agreement on the home page. 
If any of your questions have not been answered email with your specific question and we will endeavour to answer as quickly as possible.
15. What happens if I add members to Favourites Tank?
The purpose of this function, apart from it being cute and fun, is for you to select who you like.  You can then message or contact them when you are ready.  The good news is that they will not know that you have added them.  It is only for YOU!
16. How do I make my profile private? 
This option is under 'Profile' > 'Settings'.   If you do not wish other members to see your profile you can deselect the option "make my profile visible to other members"  This is an important function.  Use it wisely!  If you keep this box unticked it will mean that you can see all members, but that they CANNOT see you.  Also if you send them a message and they try to view your profile, a message will come up telling them that your profile is private. I would, therefore, recommend only using this function at the very beginning.  Otherwise you will not be able to be seen or communicate with anyone else.  It should be used in the short term only and is to benefit those who wish to get a feel of the site first.  
16. Where are your cookies and privacy policies and terms and conditions?
Our cookies policy can be found HERE
Our privacy policy can be found HERE
Our terms and conditions can be found HERE